Clicker Heroes


2 prestige Layers, months of gameplay, surpasses 1e1,000,000


PC (Web, Steam), Mobile (Android, iOS), Console (PS4, Xbox One)


Clicker Heroes is a game about relentlessly annihilating seemingly harmless monsters in order to progress further to get more gold, ultimately being able to kill more monsters!


I hold Clicker Heroes near and dear to my heart as it was the game that got me into incrementals. However, I am not here to get all sentimental, I gave this game 4 stars for a reason. That reason being, the gameplay is pretty average. You kill monsters, progress, get upgrades, repeat. Eventually you can either Ascend or Transcend, but there isn't much to really do. Once you know, or at least are aware of the "Rule of Thumb", as well as the calculators, there isn't really much else to do. 100%ing the game is absolute hell, it's just waiting, as well as occasional calculator inputs, if you want to be as efficient as possible. Although, the game was somewhat revolutionary for it's time, presenting a new style of incremental, which HAS caught on (maybe not in the best way).