Antimatter Dimensions


2 prestige Layers, several months of gameplay, surpasses 1e1,000,000


PC (Web, Steam), Mobile (Android)


Antimatter Dimensions, first released in 2016, is an incremental game about increasing the amount of antimatter you have. Use the boosts and upgrades you gather along the way to ultimately make your antimatter amount skyrocket!


What Antimatter Dimensions lacks in graphics, it makes up for in gameplay. Despite its very linear progression, Antimatter Dimensions keeps the player drooling for more as it presents you with new challenges and awesome mechanics to progress further. I'm a slut for huge numbers, so this game is absolutely perfect in that field. Within the later stages of the game, I have found myself using a guide WAY too much; I feel as though I can't do anything without it, at this point. However, the sense of progression and achievement is still there - filling out those green boxes in my spreadsheet was just such a satisfying feeling.