A place for me to store important Japanese words or phrases.

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All kanji characters will have their reading about them in ruby text (ふりがな).

because ...から。 Say declarative sentence, then provide reason (also declarative) with から at the very end.
but でも、... Used at the start of a sentence.
also そして、...・も そして can be used at the start of a sentence. Particles can be substituted for も.
keep verbing つづける Use after verb stem. Ex. つづける。
want to verb ...verb stemたい。 Simply place たい on the end of a verb stem to do this.
activity and activity ...objectverbたり... Used to list activities without multiple sentences. Convert verb to て form, replace the て with た, add り. Add します to the end. Ex. みずをんだりチョコレートをべたりしました。